Affinity Insurance Schemes

Affinity schemes

HealthCare International affinity insurance schemes are a cost-effective medical cover solution for smaller businesses or partnerships or individuals brought together in other ways, such as through a club or association.

Affinity schemes can have as few as three members, with one member acting as the administrator. Each member makes an individual insurance application, with premiums based on factors including their chosen level of cover, age, location, type of employment or activity. Each affinity member is responsible for their own insurance premium payments.

New members can join at any time for the minimum 12-month period and each member will have their own start and renewal date.

All members benefit from a discount on their insurance premiums in their first year and if the group grows this discount may increase up to 25%. Please contact us for more details.

Alongside our group schemes, we also offer a range of other related insurance products that affinity scheme members may wish to consider, including:

  • Dental Cover
  • Vision Care
  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Income Protection
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

If you would like to find out more about our group insurance schemes, you can download a corporate insurance brochure or contact us for a tailored quotation.