Student Insurance FAQS

Student Insurance FAQS

If you’re an international student studying (or planning to study) in the UK then our Global Student Plan may be just right for you, but you’ll probably have some questions. Here are some of the more common questions we get asked, along with the answers. Of course if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

An insurance policy for international students who are studying in the United Kingdom.
Our policy has been designed with the specific needs of the international student in mind.

You must be an international student who is eligible and intending to study in the United Kingdom. You must be enrolled in a course of study with a registered United Kingdom education provider, be present, or intend to be present, in the United Kingdom and be regularly attending classes. You must be under the age of 65 at the date of purchase of the policy.

Anywhere within the United Kingdom, but if you purchase your policy before you leave home, we will also cover you for your direct transit to (and from ) the UK.

Global Student Travel Insurance offers the protection you would expect from a comprehensive travel insurance policy, from medical costs to property loss and travel interruption. But because you are an international student, it also features some special features just for you. Please see our brochure and Benefits Table for more information.

Yes, once you have purchased your Policy we will email you a Member Certificate which summarises the details of your insurance and this can be used to show that you have taken out insurance coverage.

Prices are dependent only two factors – the duration of cover you need (from 1-12 months) and whether you want a policy to cover just you, or you and your partner and/ or your children under the age of 18. You can go online to get a quote, our price chart is also in our brochure .

Simply go to get a quote and buy your policy online (payment by credit card). Or, if you prefer you can download an application form and email it back to us.

Cover can start as soon as you need it to. You can purchase a policy online in about 3-5 minutes and be covered immediately. Just go to get a quote – have your credit card ready.

Global Student Travel Insurance is brought to you by HealthCare International (HCI). We have been insuring people living away from their home countries for many years and we understand the needs of the expatriate community very well. This means we understand the stress of having something unexpected happen when you are in a foreign country and we know how to help to prevent an incident from becoming a crisis.
Our service centre is based in Central London so you can be assured of first-class, local service in your time zone from a company who knows how things work around here. Our multilingual staff are ready to help via phone or email, or if you prefer you can always come in and deal with us in person.

To make a claim please download a claim form from our website and send it to us along with any required documents (receipts; medical reports or, in the case of damaged or stolen property – proof of ownership and a police or lost property report). You should do this as soon as you can and within 21 days of the loss or event occurring.
If you are to be hospitalised or need any expensive medical treatment (more than £500) please call us first. If you cannot call us please have someone call us on your behalf.

For minor medical ailments, just get the treatment you need and pay for it, then submit your claim form and receipts for reimbursement. For any inpatient or expensive treatment (£500 or more) please call us first so that we can confirm that we can assist you and we may also direct you to a suitable facility to receive the treatment you need.

Please refer to the Policy Wording and Table of Benefits to get a better understanding of what is and is not covered, or call us. Not all medical costs can or will be covered. For example, we do not cover treatment for conditions which existed prior to your policy being purchased. Preventative and cosmetic treatments are generally not covered either and a £50 excess applies to all medical claims.

Simply go online before your current policy runs out and buy a new policy, timed to start the next day to ensure your cover is continuous.

We have a 24/7 emergency service which you can ring at any time in the case of a medical emergency.

No, this policy will not cover pre-existing medical conditions (conditions that were in existence when you first bought your policy).

The first thing to do is to report the loss to the police within 24 hours – this is a requirement of the policy and failure to do so may invalidate your claim. Then when you’ve done that you can submit a claim form to us along with a copy of the police acknowledgement and any proof of ownership of the stolen property, including any original receipts.

When you purchase a policy we will email you all the documents you need, including your policy document. But you can also get a copy to read here.

Yes, if you buy a family policy you can cover yourself, your partner and/ or any of your children (up to 4) under the age of 18. Your family members must be travelling and living with you. If you wish to insure more than 4 children you must contact us.

From our website anytime our chat service by calling us or by calling in to see us in our London offices – all during normal business hours, Monday to Friday. We’re here to help.

Yes, it is on our website and it operates during normal business hours.