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3 Tips to Enhance your Family’s Protection

 We all want to look after our families and protect them from any dangers that they might face. There are a number of simple things you can do right now to help protect your family.


Buy a smart home security system

Clunky, outdoor alarm systems that are set off by spiders are firmly a thing of the past. New technology has come a long way and the home security alarm has embraced the change. Convicted thieves have even been interviewed with new deterrents implemented. Home systems can now be controlled by apps. You can check you didn’t forget to set the alarm, turn it on, turn it off, and even see who is outside your front door through these smart home alarm system apps without you even being at home!

Not only that, you can even install extras such as additional smoke detectors which will alarm the monitoring company should they be set off, who then call you right away. If you do not answer they will phone the fire brigade for you. This means that if you are not at home, or unable to call the fire brigade yourself, you will not have rely on a neighbour to call them, saving time, belongings, and even lives.


Safeguard your family’s online privacy and security

Children are becoming more computer savvy at younger and younger ages. Many children understand how to use devices before they can even read. Whilst the internet is a wonderful place, full of fun and information, there is a lot of information and content that you must protect your family from. We recommend that you keep an eye on the following;

Information shared on social media networks: This includes things like promoting when you are on holiday (letting a thief know you are not at home!) and who your children are messaging online, and who may be messaging them, such as bullies.

Review internet privacy issues: This refers to the personal data that is published online. Keep up to date with new trends and understand how people are stealing data.

Keep your home WIFI secure: We recommend that you change the name of your home WIFI network name from that which is given on installation. Also stay away from using family names or information within the new name and password, and always include special characters in the password to make it harder to hackers to break into.


Take out life insurance

Life insurance has been designed to provide financial security and welfare of your loved ones should the worst happen. Some of the most important benefits of life insurance are:

  • Children’s future: With a life insurance policy you can create a fund for your children’s education
  • Pay off debts: Life insurances can pay off outstanding debts such as mortgages, either in part or full (check the policy wording).
  • Replace an income: Should you or your spouse pass, would a single income be enough?
  • Covering financial expenses: Funerals could become costly, especially if it is to be held in your home country and travel must be taken into consideration.

If you are an expat, you must also make sure that your policy is valid in the country where you are living. An existing policy in your home country is unlikely to cover you if you move abroad.

Secure your family today!