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4 Typical Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

We at HCI pride ourselves on helping our customers have the best and correct coverage to keep them safe when they are away from home. This is why we have put together this article to help you from falling into these avoidable insurance mistakes.


Assuming your life policy will cover you in a new home country.

If you have life insurance in your home country and you are moving abroad, you must check with your provider that they will cover you in your new country. It is most likely that the cover you currently have will need to be amended based on where in the world you are relocating to, and what your new occupation is. For instance, if your occupation changes to something that is a higher risk to your life, your current policy may not cover it, and would need changing. Likewise, you may be moving to an area that would require a higher cover. Equally, your policy may not change in cost, or could even be cheaper, depending on these new circumstances.

Do not assume that your cover will be fine, give them a call and check.

All our life insurance policies have been specifically created to cover those who are living away from home. 


Not getting your travel insurance as soon as your trip is booked.

Did you know that there are certain benefits when you buy travel insurance which cover you before you travel?

Travel insurance doesn’t just look after you whilst you are abroad. There are a number of reasons why you may unexpectedly not be able to travel, such as sickness. Some travel insurance policies will reimburse you with non-refundable travel and accommodation costs for these such instances, something that you would not be able to take advantage of if you left booking your travel insurance until the last minute.

All our travel insurance plans cover you for trip cancellation. 


Getting an insurance that doesn’t cover non-refundable student fees.

Studying abroad can be really exciting, even life changing, but there may be a reason that you need to leave your studies early. By not taking out the correct student specific tailored insurance policy, should you need to pull out of your learning early, you may be out of pocket from non-refundable fees. Our Global Student Travel Insurance Plan covers non-refundable student fees, as well as many other handy benefits.


Health insurance for a geographic area not covered by policy.

If you are living abroad then it is most important that you take out an expat health insurance policy. When you do, you must make sure that you correctly select all the countries that you will be living, working or visiting, when taking out your policy. Many other insurers will only cover you for visiting certain countries. Expat medical insurance is what we know best, that is why we have made sure that our policies give you the widest and most flexible coverage possible. Our worldwide coverage comes in two options; the world, including or excluding the USA. This means that you can have peace of mind knowing exactly where you are covered.

To find out more about our expat insurance policies here