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5 Essential Insurance Types to Offer at a Corporate Level

Provide your staff with the cover they need


Either if your staff are working away from home or travelling for business, their health is a great priority.

These are the essential insurances that companies should be providing.


Medical Insurance

Corporate medical insurance is critical for those who are living and/or working away from home. Should your staff need medical care, including in an emergency, medical insurance will provide access to hospitals, medicine and more, the costs of which can be claimed back by the company up to the agreed yearly settlement figures. Not only is it for the welfare of your staff to provide them with medical insurance, in many countries it is mandatory, enforced by fines or bans, such as that which was brought in to force in Dubai in 2016. Medical insurance, such as what we at HealthCare International provides, also includes optional add-ons such as dental cover and vision cover.


Personal Accident Cover

Staff security should be taken with great importance, especially as again, in many parts of the world this cover is mandatory, with fines and bans for companies who do not adhere to the laws. With a group personal accident policy your staff are covered with a cash payment to their estate should they die in an accident, in or out of the workplace. If there is a risk to your staff, this cover is essential in protecting both them and your business.


Income Protection

Looking to bring on better talent or increase staff retention? Providing income protection is a great additional benefit that companies can offer and something staff are interested in being covered for. If an accident or illness causes a member of staff to be unable to work, a salary protection plan will provide them with financial security, up until the agreed retirement age.


Term Life Insurance

Also known as Corporate Life Insurance, term life insurance will provide financial protection to the surviving family of someone that has passed away. Some professions can be dangerous or have health risks, so this cover will provide financial security for the family of your staff. Although this product is not solely aimed at those industries. This is another product that will be attractive to staff, current or new, providing them with that additional benefit.


Multi-Trip Travel Insurance


Multi-trip travel insurance is perfect for anyone who travels abroad multiple times in a year, be it for business or leisure. This type of cover will look after your staff with a large number of issues that may arise when they travel, such as needing emergency assistance, medical assistance, cover for personal belongings including money and documents, and trip delays and cancellations. There is also no limitation to the number of times they can travel during the contract period, or the number of locations they can travel too. We offer corporate group insurance policies that fit the needs of both your company and staff. To find out more, visit us here