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5 Most Popular Destinations for British Expatriates

It is estimated that there are approximately 5.5million British expats living abroad, but where do they choose to go?

From warm weather to stunning scenery, here are 5 of the most popular locations that Brits choose to move to and call their home.




1. Australia

This land 'down under' is the most common destination for Brits wanting to move abroad. The British expat population in Australia is a little over 1,262,000!

With modern cities, gorgeous scenery and, possibly most important, lovely weather, we can see why so many Brits up and move here.

The work/life balance in Australia is good too, benefiting from lots of public holidays and shorter working hours. Cost of living is quite high, but generally, so are the wages.




  1. US

With the British expat population sitting at a little over 700,000, the USA is the second most popular country for Brits to move to.

Thanks to the US speaking the same language, Brits like the familiarity of home in the US which makes the transition easier. Plus, the US is so broad, offering much to many, be it warm, sunny weather or the chillier outdoors.

Unlike Australia or even the UK, the work/life balance is less than Brits are used to, with less annual leave allocation. Plus, you need to get used to tipping!



  1. Canada

Third on the list of popular destinations for British expats is Canada! The British expat population is just over 500,000 spread over the vast country.

Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal are the popular designations for those looking to further their career and also great for families. Those looking for the quieter life have a large number of quaint towns to choose from dotted all across the country.




  1. Spain

Those looking to stay closer to home like to put down their roots in Spain, with the current British Expat population at 300,000 people.

Whilst this is the first country on the list to not be English speaking, the British expat community is large enough to help you with translations, although learning some of the language would be advantageous.

Spain offers a great work/life balance and so much to do, including lots of history, gorgeous scenery and delicious food.



  1. Ireland

At the time of writing, there are currently no passport controls between Ireland and Britain, meaning there are no pesky visas to sort out. And nearly 300,000 Brits have taken advantage of this.

Ireland offers incredible and unique landscapes, coastlines and scenery. There are many large international company headquarters set up in Ireland too, mostly in and around Dublin, so career choices and progression is certainly possible. 

Feeling homesick? You can catch a flight or ferry back to the UK for as little as £20!


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