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7 Ways Becoming an Expat Improves Your Life: Expatriate Benefits

There are many pros and cons to becoming an expat. Being an expat in a country without your friends and family can sometimes be very hard, but the benefits of being an expat, living and working abroad can help push both your personal growth and your career in ways you may not have considered.

Here are some of the expat benefits, and ways in which becoming an expat could improve your life:


  1. You might get a better job abroad

One of the main reasons that you may have chosen to become an expat is to get a better job, be it through seniority or salary, or to start a brand-new career altogether. This may not have been possible in your home country, but a real opportunity abroad.


  1. It will improve your CV

Having international work experience on your CV can open doors to new opportunities, be it if you decide to move back home or move on to another new country. 


Having gained experience working abroad, you will have learnt new experiences and have understandings that many will not have otherwise. This is very appealing to an employer!


  1. You are already in demand in many countries

It may be very likely that you already have a skill which is required in another country that the locals may not have. This gives you a competitive advantage on bagging that job you dreamed of abroad. Maybe even with a pretty pay rise too!


If you are not changing career, then doing your job in another country with new people and a new perspective may feel like you have changed direction! 


  1. You can learn a new language

Presuming your new location has a different language to your mother tongue, you can pick up a new language in your new country. They always say that it is best to live in the country you want to learn the language too, and here you have the chance! 


Having the skill to speak another language opens you up to many more life and career opportunities that you otherwise would not have had.


  1. Being independent

Moving abroad can sure boost your independence! You will no longer have your usual immediate support network of your friends and family, which will force you to learn how to do many new things alone. It is just you trying to figure out your new life abroad. You will become all the stronger for doing so!


  1. Trying new things

When you are an expat, there are things that you would never normally do at home. Push yourself, try something new. The world is your oyster! Get off the sofa and go and explore it!


  1. Self-confidence building

Negotiating a new country and culture can sometimes be a struggle. You will need to think outside the box and solve problems more than you would at home. This will build your self-confidence, self-assurance and your creative problem-solving. 


A ‘can do’ attitude can go a long way in your career! 



The challenges you face as an expat will push you to grow and learn, boosting your career and your personal growth. Living abroad will certainly make you a stronger person!