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8 Amazing Beaches to Take a Dip in Spain

A round up stunning areas for the best beach holidays in Spain.


In this article we summarise our favourite, most stunning areas for the best beach holidays in Spain.



The Canary Islands are a Spanish archipelago located off the northwest coast of Africa. The Canary Islands are known for their black sandy beaches due to their volcanic formations. That is, except for Blanca Beach (or White Beach) on the island of Lanzarote. As the name suggests, Blanca Beach is not a black sand beach, but one of the few sandy beaches in the area. You can find this beach next to the round mountain (la montana roja). The Canary Islands are known for their year-round pleasant weather, making them a fantastic break come summer or winter.



This beach is a little trickier to reach than others on this coastline, but the reward is a quieter place to relax and enjoy one of the most spectacular views you could imagine. This crescent shaped cove is surrounded by unique rock formations, reminding many of the landscape of the Grand Canyon in Colorado. However, Colorado does not have the beauty of the gentle lapping, turquoise water of the Mediterranean Sea at their visitors’ feet!



This beach’s name translates to ‘Lobster Beach, the End Of The Lands’, which says more about the beach than you might first think. It is here, at the most north western point of Spain, that people thought there was no more land, with the area bringing in large seafood harvests, such as lobster of course! Langosteira Beach is located next to the pilgrim’s route to Santiago, giving the areas a strong Catholic connection, with many coming to pray here. Today, Langosteria is a fantastic beach to visit with 3km of gorgeous sands to relax on.



Majorca is one of Spain’s Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the best beach holiday destinations in Europe. With stunning coves, beach resorts and lively nightlife. Mesquida Creek is known as “a paradise beach in the Balearic Islands” and was declared a Natural Area of Special Interest by the Parliament of the Balearics in 1991. It’s easy to see why! This cove is popular with local Mallorcans and has been carefully preserved.


The name of this beach may translate to ‘Beach of the Dead’, but you must not be alarmed by this name. Everything is well and truly alive! This coastal area is a nature reserve and has been well kept to preserve it’s natural beauty. The 10-minute walk down the cliff to reach the beach in the heat may sound a little tiring, but once your feet hit the sand and you set your eyes on the view, all will be worth it. Protected by the surrounding coastal mountains, you would be hard pushed to find another sea as blue and as clear as it is here.


This beach is perfect for a family picnic away from huge crowds and for those who love to go surfing! Dunes separate you from the sea, but walkways will get you to the waters, where you will be able to enjoy your own spot on the 3.9km long sandy beach. The beach is not surrounded by buildings like other beaches in the area, which makes it a lovely spot to relax and switch off from the world.


Heading over to the island of Formentera can feel like you are entering a new world completely. This tiny island off the coast of Ibiza has no airport, meaning you can only reach it by boat. Formentera has many stunning beaches, but we want to highlight Illetas, found on a narrow strip of land and featuring views of the area’s famous sunset. The water is crystal clear and shallow, perfect for a dip to cool off and reminds many of the Caribbean!


If you are looking for a classic, beautiful beach in the Costa Brava, then look no further than Treumal Beach with its golden sands, turquoise waters and rocky outcrops. This small but perfectly formed 100m beach extends along the edge of a protected area and botanical garden.


Spain is swimming with gorgeous beaches to visit, it was hard enough to compact them down to our top 8 recommendations!

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