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All You Need To Know About Life Assurance

Life Insurance for Expatriates


If something tragic were to happen to you or your partner, how would the other cope financially?

If you are the main earner in the household, would they soon run out of money without you?


Even if you are not the main money earner in the house, do you devote time to looking after the children and household? Might they have an extra strain on their finances by needing to pay for support around the house or with childcare?

 Life insurance, or life cover as it is sometimes called, is one of the best investments you could make to protect your family’s wellbeing should the worst happen to one of you. This sort of financial planning could mean the difference between your loved ones being able to continue living at the standards they are used to, and needing to move to a new house or unable to pay rent, for instance.


What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance will pay out either a lump sum or provide regular income to the surviving partner and their family should a death occur during the policy term.


Life Insurance Policy for Expats

Many expats may not realise that their life insurance policy in their home country may not cover them in their new location.


Here at HCI, we have designed term life insurance policies specifically for expats, wherever in the world they may be. Our rates are competitive and can be tailored for the term you require and cover whatever sum you need.


To take a look at our life insurance policies for expats, visit here.