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Are You a Fan of Adventurous Sports? Experience New Zealand

If you are you looking to be adventurous, visit New Zealand. This article details the extreme activities you can have here.

Relaxing beach holidays not your thing? Or are you looking to try something new and adventurous? New Zealand is the home of extreme activity, from surfing the seas to skiing or climbing the highest peaks, this great country has it all. The following article will give you a bit more insight into the adventures you can have here.


hiking new zealand


Are you are a fan of mountaineering? Great news for you, New Zealand is a climber’s paradise thanks so its geologically diverse landscape.

The South Island is the first port of call for many, with popular climbing regions including the Southern Alps, which are great for climbing and bouldering. Being the highest peak on the South Island, Mount Cook is famous with extreme mountaineers. This climb is for the experienced only. The North Island can often be left in the shadow of its Southern Island sibling, but the North Island offers thousands of fantastic climbing routes which could keep you busy for months, if not years! Plus, the weather is warmer and there are less crowds, which makes a double bonus for some!




Its high, mountainous terrain gives New Zealand the perfect setting for skiing, and there are many New Zealand ski resorts to discover! The ski season here is long too, from around mid-June to early November, perfect for those who like to ski in the northern hemisphere in the winter, you can ski the other half of the year here in New Zealand!

The South Island of New Zealand takes the crown of the two islands for this activity. Queenstown, towards the south of the island, has 4 world class ski fields. Other top ski areas to look at are the Mackenzie District, right in the heart of the island, Mount Hutt, and the stunning Temple Basin which boasts views of glaciers and other mountains. As with all winter sports, you must take extra precautions and take out Winter sports travel insurance. Most travel insurances do not cover these types of activities and you have to select this as additional cover. So, adding on the correct ski trip insurance will ensure that any accident or injury as a result of the covered winter sports activity will be covered.


new zealand coast


Not all adventure sports in New Zealand involve the mountains! Heading on back down to the coastlines we find some top areas for surfing!

To the west of the North Island lies Muriwai, a black sand beach known for some wild waves! Mt Maunganui in the Bay of Plenty is New Zealand’s first artificial reef. This area is home to some stunning beauty to be see whilst you ride the waves! Head down to the south of the North Island to ride some of the area’s southerly swells in Lyall Bay, just outside the city of Wellington. Hopping down over to the southeast of South Island, Dunedin is regarded as one of the best surfing regions in the country. It may be much cooler down here than on the North Island, but there are large numbers of breaks close to each other, much to the delight of surfers!




The tall, rocky mountains of the New Zealand landscape create thousands of fast flowing rivers running from the mountains, through forests and into the sea. These rivers create all sorts of rafting experiences, from fast, turbulent rides to slower, more leisurely sightseeing drifts. If you want to try white water rafting, New Zealand is the place to do it! On the Kaituna River, Rotarua, North Island, you can join New Zealand’s original sledging company. There are multiple routes you can take including the world’s highest commercially rafted waterfall, the 7 metre Tutea Falls! Rangitata Gorge, two hours south of Christchurch, offers rafting options for all ages and abilities, from a slower paced ride to grade 5, fast paced exhilarating rides. Perfect for all the family. In the middle of the North Island you will find the Rangitikei River. On this river you can experience some wild white-water rafting with half day or multi day, multi route tours.

 If you are already embarking on a thrill seeking, adventurous sports trip then you must ensure that you have extreme sports insurance. If you do not and you are involved in an accident or injury that is a result of such activities, you will not be covered. Treatment for these injuries, including the potential need to be rescued from a remote or dangerous location, or even flown back home, can cost in the tens of thousands of pounds, or more! Do you have that sort of money to spend when a policy costs a tiny fraction of that?


Find out more about our travel insurance with sport cover and winter sports cover options, visit here.