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Expatriate International Living

Planning Your New Destination?

In a recent blog post, we discussed how more and more expats are packing up and moving to Portugal, which may have had you questioning why you yourself should do that, or maybe why you haven’t already. 

Five reasons to move to Portugal 

  1. Cheap and healthy living

Affordable, fresh ingredients are a staple of Portuguese life. Fruits and vegetables, fish and other meats, all available for low prices. With weather like Portugal’s, you’re probably going to want to spend a lot of time out exploring as well, so why not do it on your feet? 

  1. A lot of the natives are English speaking

No need to worry about learning a whole new language before packing your bags, most of the natives of Portugal grew up watching movies in English - so they’re used to the dialect. This is especially helpful when you’re finding your feet in a new country, to learn where things are and ease you into the culture. 

  1. The history

For the history buffs, there are tons of places to explore and learn about such as Porto’s historic centre, Belém tower, and Luiz I bridge. If it’s traditional Portuguese events you’re interested in, every year at the end of winter singing and dancing can be seen throughout the country as carnival season begins. A public holiday on 5 March promises to delight and astound as brightly coloured floats parade city streets. 

  1. Up to date technology and infrastructures

You won’t be missing your home comforts of mobile banking, or the internet in general if you take the leap. Portugal has modern infrastructure even the UK is yet to catch up with. An example of such is Via Verde, a device you can attach to your car which automatically pays for parking, fuel, tolls, and even ferries. 

  1. The flexibility of life

Shops are open every day and restaurants are available whenever you want them to be, in Portugal you can do whatever you feel like doing, whenever you feel like doing it. 

Wouldn’t it be a load off your mind to know you could enjoy Portugal fully insured against anything that comes your way, with your family fully provided for should the worst happen? Get in touch with Healthcare International today and we’ll find the perfect policy for life in the sun.