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Expats urged to prepare for changes in the German healthcare system

Expats are being urged to prepare for upcoming changes to the German healthcare system, with the country’s Digital Supply Act (DVG) now in force.

The German healthcare system is going digital, which means that there are a significant amount of changes to the traditional system, and expats are being warned to prepare for these changes to avoid being caught out.

Online consultations

While doctors in Germany have been able to offer online consultations previously, they will now be able to promote them on their websites and actively offer the service. Health insurance companies have been providing funding to many doctors and practices to help them offer video consultation time to patients.

Digital prescriptions

A new law is aiming to scrap paper prescriptions in Germany, with a focus on digital prescriptions that will be available on one single app.

The Federal Association of Pharmacists (ABDA) is currently working on the app, with 12,000 people already registered for the service. ABDA has stated that paper prescriptions won’t be scrapped immediately, and you will still be able to get a prescription without the use of a smartphone.

Electronic records

One of the key facets of the digitisation of the healthcare system in Germany is the creation of electronic records for patients.

This means that from 2021, all insured patients will be able to access a copy of their medical record from their insurer. The patient will then be able to choose whether any information is removed from their file or not.

Extended on-call service

Germany’s medical on-call service is now available 24/7, offering medical assistance and emergency doctors’ appointments.

The service can be reached by calling 116 117 if you require medical assistance outside of your surgery’s opening hours.

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