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Health Advice for Travelling to Thailand

From a basic first aid kit to vaccinations needed for Thailand, take these precautions to keep your health safe when visiting this southeast Asian country.



There are some vaccinations needed for Thailand which are recommended for all travellers. These include vaccinations to protect against food borne diseases Hepatitis A and Typhoid. It is important that you have an up to date Tetanus vaccination also. Tetanus is still found throughout the world, especially in developing countries. If you are planning on trekking in Thailand or entering rural locations, you must be covered for Hepatitis B and Rabies, as well as Cholera, Dipheria, and Japanese Encephalitis.


Travel First Aid Kit

You never know when you might get into a spot of bother when travelling to, and around Thailand. It is a great idea to pack together a basic first aid kit to keep with you. Not only will this come in handy should you need any treatment, but you will also be sure of what you are taking and using. Make sure your kit has the following: Disinfectant wipes and spray, Ibuprofen (fever), painkillers, bandages, mosquito repellent spray, anti diarrea tablets, cold relief capsules, anti-itch cream.


Health Insurance

With the different activities available to you in Thailand, a higher risk of illness due to local diseases, and eating foods that are different to what you would usually eat, getting sick or needing medical assistance in Thailand happens. In Thailand there are two types of hospitals, government run and privately run. Healthcare in Thailand is generally of a good standard, however, wait times in government run hospitals can be much longer than private, which is not helpful should you need urgent care. As the country is large, you may find that you need urgent travel to a medical facility from a remote island or inland location. This can be costly.


With the best travel insurance for Thailand you will be able to get treatment much quicker than if you were to travel without it, and in a highly reputable medical facility. Travel insurance is not expensive, and not worth taking the risk to travel without it. You can buy travel insurance for Thailand online from our website. Visit here for more information.