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Insurance for Businesses in Dubai

Corporate Medical Healthcare

One of the key considerations in the United Arab Emirates or indeed any other country of the world is access to reliable healthcare provision for employees. A corporate medical insurance scheme is essential in countries with limited access to quality public healthcare. It can be helpful to get coverage in places where healthcare is not accessible to everyone too. A business insurance policy can include additional benefits in certain cases. Contact us to tell us your business requirements and we’ll gladly send you an insurance quotation.    

UAE Mandatory Health Insurance

Do you operate a business in Dubai or are you planning to open one soon?

If you are doing business in Dubai please be aware of the specific regulatory requirements which impact all employers throughout the United Arab Emirates. For example, it is mandatory for all companies to provide healthcare insurance for their employees; so having a corporate medical insurance plan in place is a must, even for a home based business in Dubai. This way, the UAE government ensures all employees have access to full private medical coverage. This is important as the healthcare system is not publicly funded and private treatment is expensive in comparison to other countries in the Middle East. However, it’s also important to say that hospitals and health services in the Emirates rate highly in terms of quality; there are many world-leading medical facilities available. So, in summary, Dubai businesses are required to provide corporate health coverage by law. We have many years’ experience of providing corporate medical schemes in the wider UAE from our Dubai office, so for a competitive quote, please contact HCI Dubai anytime.   

Insurance Regulated by Dubai Health Authority (DHA)

HCI are happy to help you to get your business medical insurance in Dubai sorted which will be good for your employees and will ensure you don’t run afoul of the local regulators. Because medical insurance coverage in the UAE is strictly regulated by the likes of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD) it’s important to go with a provider who is both licenced to trade in the territory and whose products meet the requirements of these regulators. HCI meets all of these requirements through its Gulf Protector product so we are an ideal company to partner with, either directly or through a trusted insurance broker. Please note, that apart from DHA in Dubai or HAAD in Abu Dhabi, there are other governmental entities responsible for dealing with the insurance rights in the other Emirates’ states (Ras Al Khaima, Ajman, Sharjah, Fujeirah and Um el Kaiwain). 

If you want to ensure your staff are covered by an appropriate, compliant and competitive insurance package, please contact HCI today.