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Insurers Responding to Female Travellers' Demands

Are you a Woman Travelling Alone for Work?

Many professional women travel because of work, sometimes they are required to visit unsafe places by themselves and, depending on the destination, women travelling alone can face increased risks. In some countries or regions the risk is higher for women than it is for men so it’s advisable for female business travellers to take extra precautions to safeguard their security abroad. There are countries that present dangerous situations and social risks to women due to their physical, cultural and religious peculiarities.

It’s wise for women travelling on business to be fully aware of these risks and to ensure they carry suitable travel insurance. This is especially important when travelling to countries where harassment, sexual assault and kidnapping is commonplace. There are some countries which, while lovely to visit, can present higher risk factors and these need to be allowed for when planning a trip. Parts of India, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, The Philippines and some African countries are reported to be dangerous for female travellers. Places with poor communication or lack of transport facilities can also present risks to women. Likewise, countries where women are expected to conform to local cultural behaviours and dress codes need to be well understood.


Increasing Travelling Female Professionals

The number of solo female trips has considerably increased in the last decade. Whether travelling on business or for pleasure; women’s protection is becoming more important. Business trips length can be variable, ranging from just one day to more than a month or longer and increasingly, women are being permanently relocated overseas.

A survey carried out by US corporate travel planner found that 69% of respondents agreed that business trips are usually riskier for women. 61% thought that corporate business travel programs should address frequent threats faced by professional women when travelling. The increase of women that travel for work is making insurers consider the need of adapting their corporate policies to this specific audience.


Measures to Protect Female Travellers

In this context the question arises as to whether insurers should provide services specifically addressed to women. For both travel and corporate insurance perspectives, additional clauses could be offered to protect women in the destination countries they travel to.

Among alternatives being considered are:

  • Personal chauffer services
  • Accommodation measures – 24 hours security, upper floor rooms and rooms’ doors with double locks.
  • Pre booking in safe venues/restaurants - planning the female visitor’s tour in advance.
  • Escorts/body guards


Risk Management Programs Addressing Threats Faced by Women

Although there are already some programs that address the problems that women travellers have to face, offers are still limited and underdeveloped.  The survey carried out by US corporate travel planner reveals that only approximately 15% of North American insurers offer specific policies for women. All in all, everything suggests that there’s a growing trend in covering this niche market which is mainly being led by insurers, travel agencies and security companies. Business travel management programs focus on woman security from a corporate perspective but the shift is also extending to leasure solo female trips.  

At HCI we believe in female protection in the working environment. As insurers our goal is to cover threats and risks and promote everyone’s security.

Are you the one in charge of planning the business flights?

If this is the case, we’d like to remind you that we offer reliable corporate and worldwide travel insurance.