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Moving to a New Country Post Lockdown


Thousands of people around the world relocate abroad every year to start a new life and/or improve their career opportunities. 

Unfortunately, the recent pandemic has made this process more difficult, but far from impossible. No longer can you pack your things and head off to a new destination at the drop of a hat.

Here are some of the new things you need to think about if you are still considering moving to a new country post lockdown.


Borders Restrictions and Short Notice Closures

With restrictions ever changing, borders that are currently open may close again, or they may impose new restrictions as the months pass and the situation continues to change. There may be a chance that your chosen destination closes its borders entirely to non-nationals without notice.

Make sure you are prepared for each eventuality. After all, the possibility of borders closing at short notice is not something we have had to worry about in the past. Have emergency numbers to hand at all times, and know what you need to do should you run into any issues entering a country. You may even have to return straight back home upon landing.


Prepare Your Finances 

Many who move abroad for an improved life or better career opportunities often get stung by financial burdens they were not prepared for. These include local taxes, pensions and other outgoings such as healthcare costs.

It is important to understand how much tax you are liable to pay as an expat (which can differ to a resident).

Also find out if you need to declare earnings abroad, back in your home country.

If you have chosen to retire abroad, are you going to be able to draw from your pension?

These are all important financial decisions to make, and even more important to not be caught out at this time. We recommend speaking to a financial expert first.



Local Quarantine & Other COVID Restrictions

Much like changing border rules and restrictions, the same applies to quarantine and other COVID related rules. Breaking the rules could result in fines, or even being arrested.

Learn about the following for the destination you are planning to move to:

  • Do you need to quarantine on arrival? If so, how long for, where, and how much will it cost?
  • Do you need to have a COVID test when you arrive or when you are in quarantine?
  • What are the rules on wearing masks?
  • Are there any curfews in place?
  • Are there social distancing rules in place? If so, what are they?
  • What were the lockdown measures at the start of the pandemic there? (This will give you an idea of what could happen again)


Rules can vary greatly from country to country, so make sure you do your research and prepare first.


Will your children by able to attend nurseys/daycare/school?

Whilst some countries may have allowed children back to school, not all countries are doing the same. Look into how your children will be schooled or looked after as you may need to make rearrangements.


Additional tip: Check local expat social groups

There are hundreds, if not thousands of local expatriate Facebook groups for all parts of the world. Consider joining one close to where you are considering moving to. Here you should be able to read up on what’s going on locally, as well as ask your own questions and connect with expats already there.


Do you need COVID cover to enter the country?

Many countries require you to have proof of COVID cover in your international medical insurance policy. With one of our expatriate tailored healthcare policies, you have the COVID cover you need.


To find out more about our medical insurance policies, visit our medical cover page here.

Full terms and conditions apply, please view policy wording for full details.