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My Father Gifted Me With Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important part of family financial security planning. Protect your family from the financial burden of the loss of a loved one with life insurance. 

He brought me into the world, raised me, and protected me as I grew. And now, he has given me the greatest gift that will protect me for the future. The gift of life insurance. It may not have been wrapped up in a bow and handed to me to open, or placed under the Christmas tree, so it may not be immediately obvious why I consider life insurance as such a generous and important gift. 

Heads of Household Responsibility on Acquiring Life Coverage

How would a family cope should something happen to the breadwinner? This is a worry of many families and where life insurance comes in to help the financial strain should this happen. For this reason, life insurance is sometimes call Family Protection insurance. There are my websites that can help you to buy term life insurance online or through a life insurance broker. If you need a little more help and advice to navigate through the different life insurance products and to make sure you are getting the best product to protect your family, feel free to look over our life insurance web pages or give us a call. We would be happy to help. 

Safeguarding Dependants’ Financial Security

Life insurance is important for families’ financial security planning. It will help take care of financial burdens should the worst happen to the head of the household and they are unable to continue to provide financially. This includes a lump sum being paid out in the event of a death. This money could be used to pay off any outstanding debs, a child’s schooling and paying off any outstanding mortgage. 

What Are The Basic Features of a Life Policy?

Life insurance policies pay out a pre-determined sum of money when the insured dies during a specified amount of time. This pay-out is paid to the named person, also called the life insurance beneficiary on the policy. Life insurance is highly important for those that are considered to have high risk jobs. 

We at HCI also include the option to add income protection cover to our life insurance policies’. This means that if the insured is unable to work due to illness or injury, you can receive a pay-out to help reduce the financial burden this may cause you. 

If you are an expat that has moved overseas, it is likely that any existing policy would no longer be valid as it may not cover you in your new location.

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