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Portugal Named as Number One European Country For Expats

A new survey has ranked Portugal the ‘number one country’ for British expats hoping to start a new life on the European continent. 

Super Quality of Life

This year’s Expat Insider Survey, which rates 68 countries from all over the globe on their general attractiveness to people interested in moving abroad, ranked Portugal in sixth place overall – the highest ranking of any country in Europe.

The warm and famously friendly Iberian nation was praised for its high quality of life and ease of settling in for newcomers. It was beaten to the top spot only by far-flung destinations such as Bahrain, Ecuador, Mexico and Singapore – many of which were most popular among business travellers looking for exciting new work opportunities. In terms of European countries, Portugal was closely followed by Spain and Czechia, which also appear to be growing in popularity among those starting life afresh in a new country. 

World’s Most Welcoming Country

The annual Expat Insider Survey rates countries based on a series of key factors deemed to be important to expats.

Portugal scored incredibly highly all across the board, with almost all (94 per cent) of expats rating the climate and weather positively and 62 per cent of those living there right now saying they would definitely return in the future. Furthermore, 39 per cent of expats said that they were happy with their Portuguese career prospects, while an impressive 87 per cent said that the local population’s attitude towards foreigners was friendly and welcoming. Elsewhere, separate research has named Portugal as ‘the world’s most welcoming country’ and also described the nation as one of the top 10 countries for personal safety. 

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