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Study UK Fair Russia 2019

The British Embassy invites Russian students to two events in Moscow and St Petersburg this February. Learn about the top universities in England, our study programs and how to apply.



The ECM education marketing agency and the Cultural and Education section of the British Embassy in Moscow are holding events in Moscow (2-3rd Feb. Ritz Carlton Hotel) and St Petersburg (5th Feb. Corinthia Hotel) with over 30 leading UK universities and educational institutes. These events are to promote the UK’s fantastic education system, the opportunities it provides to international student, and how to apply.

You can read more about the Study UK fair “Discover You” here.



The UK has 4 universities in the top 10 universities in the world and is a fantastic location to base your studies. Our education system not only accepts students from international countries, but actively encourages students to come and study in England. We welcome thousands of Russian students each and every year into the UK. As well as world class education, you will be able to enjoy all the UK has to offer, such as our rich history, famous landmarks, green countryside and lifestyle, as well as meeting a whole bunch of new friends.



The British Embassy’s around the world actively promote events such as this with the aim of not only attracting talent to the UK, but to also demonstrate the wonderful and exciting opportunities that the UK has to offer. There are many opportunities for students outside of the UK to come and learn, plus have new experiences. We at HCI fully support the work of the British Embassy and work to look after those students when they arrive here with our insurance packages tailor made for students on study abroad programs.