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Take On Life’s Risks Without Fear. Buy Life Insurance.

Have you ever thought what would happen to your dependants if you were no longer around to care for them?


Mitigating the Risk

Death is a fact of life. No one expects to live forever, but when death occurs sooner than expected it can leave devastation in its wake. We can all take steps to avoid a premature death, but it can still happen to any of us at any time through illness or accident. At HCI we recommend you to have a backup plan so in case the misfortune happens, your closed ones remain cared for - financially.

Many are the situations that can put an end to a person’s life; from a random car accident or disease to being caught up in an act of terrorism. Of course the risks are higher in some locations and in some occupational groups. We could advice you to relocate to a safer place or to change your profession, but we understand this is not always possible, but having a plan for your loved ones continued financial security is something everyone can do.


Are you Living in a Dangerous Location?

Danger is everywhere, but some places are more risky than the others due to geography or the political climate. Some Latin-American countries such as Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala or El Salvador are recognised as having higher levels of criminal activity which can pose a threat to even the most law-abiding citizens. Parts of Africa pose a risk to health also, often due to poverty, disease and political unrest. Countries like Kenya, Chad, Mali, Nigeria or Democratic Republic of Congo have been rated as some of the most dangerous regions in the world. Terrorist attacks usually occur and armed groups are active in many cities and villages. Even a modern developed country like South Africa is regarded as volatile.

Many areas in Asia also carry high levels of risk, be it due to crime, disease or the threat of natural disaster. In India and the Philippines carry risk-levels are considered to be high in some areas. Pakistan’s safety levels are diminished by religious conflicts and regular terrorist attacks as well. It must be underlined that two wars are currently happening in the Middle East, more precisely in Syria and Yemen. Not only that, some other Middle Eastern countries are also affected by these disturbances. Iraq, Afghanistan and Egypt frequently suffer from political turbulence & terrorism. East of Ukraine is a contentious region too. Fights between Russian separatists and Ukrainian armed forces make this a dangerous region to visit or work in. Surprisingly, the United States also ranks high on many hazard ratings, with crime and legalised gun ownership contributing to the problem.

Let’s face it, risks are everywhere and even the safest countries still experience disasters – and accidents and ill-health can strike you anywhere. But if you are living in a recognised ‘danger zone’, buying life insurance makes even more sense.


Do you Have a Risky Profession?

Sometimes it’s not just about the country you live in or the destinations you travel to. Even if you’re based in the safest country you can also be at risk upon the activities or work you perform. There are professions that are certainly dangerous. Some employees risk their life in daily basis to address their routine tasks. Consider for example metal crafters, utility linemen, power workers, mountain guides, firemen and miners. On the other hand, there are other type of authority roles which also involve death risks. Body guards, policemen or the military are often at risk of death to safeguard the community and private safety. Have you ever dreamed to be an astronaut? The space professionals also risk their lives in the name of science; embarking on missions without knowing if they will ever return. If you consider yourself to be working in a hazardous occupation then life insurance is well worth consideration.


Assure Your Dependants Well-being

Life itself is not without risk, it would be pretty boring if it wasn’t. But you can take some reasonable steps to safeguard your loved ones in the event that something unforeseen does happen to you. As with any other undertaking, prevention is better than cure and life insurance is a sensible measure to mitigate a sudden, untimely death. Life coverage can give you peace of mind while you are alive and guarantee your closest relatives financial support.

Life policy premiums are normally low in comparison to other types of insurance. Paying a small regular fee can give you peace of mind and the courage to embrace the daily risks life throws at us all. Looking after your dependants’ wellbeing is definitely priceless. If you’re interested in getting your own Life Insurance, HCI can give you all the information you need. We have great deals that will match your requirements. Check out our Life plans here.