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The Far-Reaching Benefits of Adopting the Spanish Lifestyle

Expats living in – or considering moving to – Spain are being urged to adopt the traditional Spanish lifestyle in a bid to improve their general wellbeing and enjoy a longer, fuller life.


Spain as One of the Top Countries to Enjoy a Long and Healthy Life

In recent weeks, a report published by the US-based Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation has named Spain as one of the top countries for those who wish to enjoy a long and healthy life. According to the report, Spaniards are well on their way to overtaking the Japanese on the world’s longevity tables – and this news, coupled with the fact that Spain has long been a top destination of choice for British expats, has led to calls that Britons living there should adopt local customs and make the most of the local cuisine.


Spanish Lifestyle Positive for Mental and Physical Health

The Institute claims that ‘the secret’ among the Spanish is simple – they enjoy a diet high in fresh fish, vegetables, olive oil and nuts coupled with keen interests in cycling and taking regular walks. Those latter two hobbies are often adopted by people living here in the UK, too, but the report argues that Britons are much more prone to undertaking punishing workouts at their local gym as opposed to enjoying the fresh air – most likely due to our notoriously unpredictable weather conditions.

As such, the report suggests that adopting a ‘more Spanish’ lifestyle can have far-reaching benefits for both physical and mental health, by focusing on less intense, more frequent exercise, a tasty and sensible diet and not forgetting to take an hour or so out of each day to indulge in the uniquely Spanish tradition of ‘siesta’. Nevertheless, those travelling abroad temporarily for work or relocating permanently in Spain need to ensure that they are prepared for all eventualities – which means making sure they have taken out the appropriate insurance cover.


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