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The Pitfalls of Booking a Holiday Too Far in Advance

Travel Insurers Failing to Pay-out Cancelled Flights

Travellers and holidaymakers are being warned to tread carefully when booking holidays too far in advance, after research found that many travel insurers are failing to pay-out in the event that trips are cancelled more than 12 months after an initial policy was taken out. The news, which featured in This Is Money magazine earlier this week, follows research conducted by comparison website GoCompare, which found that many holidaymakers caught in this position who have accepted a standard insurance policy at the time of booking are coming unstuck in the event of unexpected cancellations later down the line. GoCompare’s study found that many insurers were refusing to pay-out regardless of the reasons behind cancellations – resulting in those who experienced severely ill health ahead of a holiday, for example, not receiving pay-outs. Similarly, those who did go abroad, but were relying on an historic policy to pay-out in the event that something went wrong overseas were facing similar complications.


Check Your Policy Before Travelling

According to reports, this is due to a common rule governing most basic insurance policies sold to travellers, which stipulates that cover is only valid for a period of 12 months. At a time when many Britons are taking advantage of more attractive holiday prices by booking ahead way in advance, this is proving to be a real problem for those who are unfortunate enough to have problems later down the line. Commenting on the issue, a spokesperson on behalf of the Association of British Insurers (ABI) described the 12-month rule as “normal” across the industry.


“If you have booked a holiday beyond this timeframe, we would recommend speaking to a specialist insurer… to ensure you are protected,” they added.


The comments highlight the importance of holidaymakers and travellers being extra-careful when it comes to booking a trip and considering an appropriate insurance policy. It always pays to consider your unique needs and protect yourself from all eventualities, as opposed to taking out a standard or budget policy which might not prove appropriate.


Here at Healthcare International, our policies will cover you if you have purchased insurance for a journey starting within 12 months. If you are booking travel more than 12 months in advance, please contact us directly so that we can confirm whether cover is available to you.