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The UK’s Top ‘Travel Insurance Myths’

Countless pieces of research published in recent years have suggested that Britons have a relatively poor understanding of travel insurance – and find it difficult to separate the facts from the myths. More recently, an interesting article in The Times has attempted to shed light on the key areas consumers tend to find confusing.

According to the newspaper’s report, there are a lot of misconceptions among travellers regarding travel insurance. It claims that the most common erroneous assumptions made by consumers are:

“I don’t need travel insurance if I am going somewhere in the UK”

Research from the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) suggests that more than half (55 per cent) of holidaymakers think this is true. However, realistically speaking, travel insurance can still prove invaluable in instances of lost luggage, early cancellations due to ill health and other issues.

“I don’t need travel insurance for Europe if I have an EHIC card”

A European Health Insurance (EHIC) card is free to apply for, and can enable cardholders to access NHS-style care in a variety of European countries, but only in a medical emergency. This little-known fact is commonly overlooked by travellers who rely on their EHIC cards as all-round cover. In reality, full travel insurance is always advised.

“Travel insurance is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ product”

According to research, most holidaymakers tend to assume that all travel insurance products are the same. In reality, however, each policy is different and will be affected by a variety of factors – such as where the person intends to travel to, their age, health situation and the activities they are planning on taking part in while abroad. It is important that travellers ensure they take out the right policy for them.

“Elderly travellers can’t get cheap insurance”

Contrary to popular opinion, this is a myth and travellers who are aged 65 and over can still purchase attractively-priced products. Many policies have no ‘upper age limit’ and higher-priced policies might even be worth paying a little extra for anyway, if they offer more appropriate cover.

“Travel insurance won’t cover my pre-existing medical conditions”

Many people will assume this, but in actuality, such conditions will usually be covered providing the policyholder has informed their insurer of them ahead of taking out the policy. In contrast, though, failing to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions could result in any subsequent claims being void.

In any case, travellers should always take care to ensure they have purchased the appropriate policy for their trip, each and every time.