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Top cities revealed in expat surveys

Two new surveys have revealed the top cities in the world for expats.

The first, conducted by Employment Conditions Abroad International, looked at a variety of factors, including the provision of health services, climate, safety, infrastructure, political tension and leisure facilities.

The survey polled expats around the world about their experiences, with Copenhagen and Bern coming in joint-first place for the second year in a row.

The capital cities of Denmark and Switzerland were ranked as the most attractive cities to work and live in, with a focus on the high quality of living as well as a high rating for both safety and health services.

European citizens that relocate have many options, with experts noting that Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Norway feature heavily in the top rankings, while Scandinavian countries have consistently polled well on factors such as quality of living and ‘liveability’ for expats.

A combination of factors contribute to the ratings for expat liveability, but factors such as a high standard of healthcare, excellent transport links and political stability create an environment that is very favourable for expats.

In a separate survey, Copenhagen was also voted the best destination for Asian expats, while Singapore was voted as the location in Asia for expats. Both Copenhagen and Singapore have scored consistently well in recent expat surveys, forging a reputation within the world-wide expat community as ideal destinations.