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Unusual Laws You Didn’t Know Existed

Every country in the world is ruled by its own set of laws. Many laws are not international, which means what may be legal in one country may not be in another. Some of these laws may be similar, some different, and some are just downright peculiar. For international travellers, it’s important to be aware of local laws. Here are some unusual examples from around the world. 

Smoking and Drinking in Public is Banned in Ukraine

Public places include transport such as buses and the underground, plus crossings, sports areas, playgrounds, parks and government areas. Smoking doesn’t just include cigarettes; it also includes Shisha/Kalean and electronic cigarettes. 

Codeine is Banned in Japan

You should always be aware of banned medicines around the world as each country may be different. In Japan, codeine is banned, so this also includes medicine such as Vicks Inhalers and painkillers which contain the drug. Being in possession of anything which includes this banned medicine risks being put into detention or deported. Common cold medicines often contain codeine, so be careful and check what you are carrying through customs. 

No Camo in the Caribbean

A number of Caribbean countries, including Barbados, Jamaica, St. Vincent and St. Lucia, have banned people wearing camouflage clothing by anyone who is not in the military. Breaking this law will get you a fine. 

Do Not Destroy the Turkish Lira

In Turkey, destroying or defacing their currency is seen as a big offence. We aren’t sure why you would want to destroy money, but if you did, you could face a prison sentence from between six months to up to three years! That is one hefty fine. 

Only Small Togs for Men in France

A word of warning to men, in most public swimming pools in France, loose fitting trunks are not allowed. Therefore, the small, tight, ‘budgie smuggler’ style is the only accepted. Strange, but true.

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