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HealthCare International

Student Protector


Private health insurance and more for international students studying in the UK


Student from Italy

I’m terrible at buying things online, and don’t understand very much about insurance. I put in a request for a call back from the team at HCI and they couldn’t have been more helpful. They talked me through everything they could offer me and what I needed to do to get myself covered. The process was short, simple and cost effective. I’ll be recommending to all my friends travelling over the next few years to study!


Student from Copenhagen 

Before moving to the UK to study for a year one my biggest worries ( and my family’s!) was getting the right cover and understanding what I needed. HCI was clear, quick and provided support whenever I need to ensure I was comfortable and carefree whilst studying. #internationalstudentgoals


Student from USA

Whilst I was studying in the UK for my finals, I really wanted to use the opportunity to explore more of Europe whilst I was closer to it. HCI not only provided me with peace of mind whilst I was in the UK, but also allowed me to  travel round Europe for a period of time without having to consider separate policies. This was a HUGE bonus, and made my life so much easier. #backpacking #eurotraveller

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