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HealthCare International Testimonials: what our clients say

At HealthCare International, we’re always interested in what our clients tell us about our services and we use all the feedback we receive to keep developing and improving our services and customer care.

We are proud of the quality of our products and services. And we’re also proud of the positive comments we receive from our clients on all aspects of what we do – comments like those featured here.

"I have been using HCI’s Annual Multi-Trip Travel Plan for 18 years now. Best value for money by far for me especially if you are from Africa. Customer Care is fantastic. You actually get to talk to a person who returns calls and e-mails and are most helpful. I would like to single out Joyce Latham."

Mr L from Ghana

"I would like to thank HCI for the exceptional service relating to the private medical needs of my family. There is no greater desire in life than to protect the well being of one's family and following a major skiing accident, you enabled the swift medical treatment for my son, who is on the way to a full recovery. Thank you again."

Mr P from Singapore

"[...] I had exactly the same experience with Bupa. I changed to HealthCare International for 46 pc of the cost of Bupa for the same cover. [...] M. H., by email."

Dailymail Article

"Thank you to all of you for this great support and help, the fast responses and all the supporting words during our medical evacuation."

"Thanks Gary! You all are great, and due to your prompt response you have saved the day."

Rose from Russia

"[The client] said the doctor was very good…he is very appreciative for all [the HealthCare International team] did in obtaining the appointment at such short notice."

"[The client] is most impressed with the service provided by [HealthCare International]…and says we are a providing a first class service.”"

"What would I do without you? I thank you for everything."

Mrs. P

"I am very grateful for being excellently assisted and supported by HealthCare International, in a time of medical and emotional need."

Dr. T

"Thanks so much, as always, for your excellent customer service."

Ms. L

"You’ve been very helpful making a very trying time much easier for me."

Mr. P

"As a decision-maker on medical care provision there is always the temptation to concentrate simply on price but I am very glad to say that not only does HCI offer a very competitive provision the services standards provided (as I have witnessed first-hand) are of the very highest quality."

Mr. G

"Many thanks for your professionalism. I have been very impressed with the level of service provided by your company so far and I have therefore recommended your services to several of my friends and expatriated clients."

Mr. L

"Just to let you know I am very happy with the way my recent claim was processed. An ex-pat living outside the EU, I found it extremely difficult to get travel insurance…before discovering HealthCare International, who offer an annual policy regardless of where you live."

Mr. M

"My husband and I have had HCI for four years. I find them to be a great company. When you call the office, everyone is very polite, professional and caring. We have had several small claims, and one for a major surgery. All have been handled perfectly and in a very timely manner.“When you call the company, you can always reach someone that can help you. If the person…is not at their desk, they will call you back in a very reasonable amount of time. If you have any questions, they will speak with you until they are sure that you understand. They have definite set guidelines that have to be followed regarding their claims, but if there are extenuating circumstances, they are open for discussion.“When you are in the underwriting stage of applying for your insurance, they are willing to negotiate on pre-existing conditions, and don’t just write you off, like so many stateside insurance companies do. I consider this a great company, and, from my personal experience, have been very pleased with them. I can highly recommend this company for a good variety of plans from very basic to quite comprehensive insurance at a very reasonable price."

Pam from Virgin Islands

"Thank you to all of you for this great support and help, the fast responses and all the supporting words…. because of you, we could save my father’s life.”"

Mr. B

"Thank you for helping to save my life."

Miss W

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